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Make it personal

We’re all different. So the way we use our phone, tablet or watch is different too. You can customise Android to make it your own. Set things up to suit you, from your essential apps and widgets to little things like the size of your icons.

Keeping you one step ahead

Don’t get drenched. Useful information like weather reports, great local restaurants or traffic alerts will pop up on simple cards at just the right time. So you can stay one step ahead of the crowds - or have an umbrella handy.

Battery when you need it most

Android can automatically turn on battery saver mode when your precious charge gets low, making it last much longer. So your top phones is still going when you’re meeting friends or checking Google Maps. It will also tell you how much time you have left before you need to plug in.

Your photos, safe and sound

Android will keep your photos safe by organising and backing them up automatically with Google Photos. Then you can turn them into stories you can share, or search by places and things. And with free unlimited, high-quality storage there’s plenty of space for everything from food glamour shots to swimsuit selfies.

Entertainment to last a lifetime

There’s so much to keep you entertained with Android, you’ll need to find the time. Google Play Music lets you stream millions of songs or enjoy curated playlists. Plus, the Google Play Store has over 1.3 million apps and games, thousands of movies and the world’s largest eBookstore.

Two little words – and a lot less typing

For those times when typing isn’t convenient (or you can’t be bothered) just say ‘Ok Google’. Then you can send a text message, play a song or search online while your hands do other things, like cooking up a storm or just feeding the cat.

Top mobile phones (Which Android phone fits you?)


LG G4 H815 4G LTE

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge G925F 4G LTE


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