Tamron SP 85mm F/1.8 Di VC USD (F016) Lens

Tamron SP 85mm F/1.8 Di VC USD (F016) Lens

  • £552.99

The Tamron SP 85mm F/1.8 is the world¡¦s first 85mm fast-aperture lens with image stabilization. Its unique design allows us to include our VC (Vibration Compensation) system - without the lens becoming too large or heavy. What¡¦s more, our SP 85mm F/1.8 delivers edge-to-edge viewfinder brightness for ease of composition and superior low-light performance. The fast aperture of the F/1.8 also offers the perfect balance of subject sharpness and bokeh, that dreamy blur which separates your portrait subject from the background.

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